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12 Accomplishments Employers Want To See

  1. Increased revenues
  2. Saved money
  3. Increased efficiencies
  4. Cut overhead
  5. Increased sales
  6. Improved workplace safety
  7. Purchasing accomplishments
  8. New products/new lines
  9. Improved record keeping process
  10. Increased productivity
  11. Successful advertising campaign
  12. Effective budgeting

For over 30 years, we have been reading resumes and receiving feedback regarding those resumes from industry executives. This experience has taught us that the resume is often a critical factor in obtaining an interview because it separates the "exceptional" from the "average." We find that today's companies are so results-oriented that candidates who can demonstrate they are focussed on the bottom-line can compete much better than those who are just selling their experience.

We have also learned much about how hiring authorities and Human Resources professionals react to resumes. As a result, we train our candidates to write a resume that incorporates the following 3 principles:

  1. The purpose of a resume is not to get a job; it is to get an interview.
  2. Hiring authorities and HR people generally do not read resumes; they scan them. Consequently, the resume must be engineered to slow the scan.
  3. A resume should flaunt assets, omit liabilities and show quantitative and time-related accomplishments.

Whenever we perform a marketing campaign for one of our candidates, we insure that the resume we use reflects the above 3 principles. Does this approach make a difference? You bet it does, as the numerous testimonials from our candidates and hiring authorities continually attest.